Have you ever wanted to join the community of musicians that are the vocal fabric of everything you hear on television, films, commercials, and recordings everywhere?

Join a private group of like minded individuals who work together as they take their talents and business skills to the highest level. 

After completing your music studies you are…

* Wondering how do I make a living while pursuing a singing career?

* What are the music-related jobs that are available to me?

* What can I do to keep my voice in shape for performance?

* How do I connect with music icons who can mentor my growth in the industry?

* How can I expand my marketability as a singer, establishing independent contractor income?

* Where do I go to join the vocal music community and establish relationships in the vocal artists workforce?


These are only some of the challenges that singers face coming out of colleges, schools, and music prep environments.  It can be a frustrating experience, moving to a music hub or trying to traverse the internet for support in accessing income, information, visibility, and networking in this music industry.  “Make me wanna holler, throw up both my hands!”…….Marvin Gaye

Now what? Do you…

* Ever wonder how singers get work on film and television shows?

* Ever wonder how singers start careers as backing vocalists for tours and recording sessions?

* How are singers able to make a living without depending on a “regular”job?

* How are singers able to maintain their vocal prowess in between long stints of not performing?

* How do singers maintain vocal health through a strenuous performance schedule?

Answer! Vocal Music Evolution

VME is the place where singers continue education in their craft as they prepare for performance careers, having a place to go to create relationships with people in the industry, develop a working network, and actually establish possible independent contractor income.



Vocal Music Evolution

Here’s what to expect:


Monthly interviews with industry professionals.   Hear their stories and get details on how to start working in the music industry.

Exclusive Content

We produce and share content that is available to VME members only.  This content addresses the largest issues that are currently faced by our members and are brought up by them for discussion and resolution.

Private Facebook forum

Unlike other forums, this will be for “members only”.  The group will require each post to be manually approved to help maintain effectiveness and overall community.

Exclusive Discounts

VME members network with the most renowned icons in the music industry.  If there are any products suggested by our guests, we will have access to discounts on these products.

Podcasts Up Close and Personal

VME forum members will be able to vote on which Backstories on Kai-Fi podcast guest they would like to meet for a group live q&a chat.

Vocal Music Evolution’s main focus is on topics like:

  • How do singers get started working on television commercials, shows and film?
  • What are music directors looking for when hiring singers for television shows and tours?
  • What vocal exercises do singers practice to maintain vocal health on a strenuous vocal schedule?
  • What other aspects of vocal production do singers need to be marketable?
  • What pools do vocal contractors for film pick from to hire singers for work? 
  • What are the emotional tools of the trade needed for a more show-stopping performance?
  • What technical exercises best prepare singers for accuracy and consistency?
  •  Where do I go to develop my singers network?
  • How do I join the singers community in Los Angeles and other major music hubs?
  • What are the music-related jobs that are available to independent vocal contractors?
  • How do session/tour singers find work in the music industry?

Our VME forum community is perfect for… 

  • Singers who are recent graduates of schools, colleges, universities, and all other aspects of music instruction, who are looking for work in the current global music industry.
  • Current performing vocalists who are looking to expand their marketability while continuing work on all aspects of vocal production.

Which One Are YOU?

You have found your village if…


You want to expand all areas of vocal entrepreneurship.

You want to fine tune your vocal technique and production.

You want to work on areas of vocal performance that address emotional connectivity. 

You want to work in the global music industry at the highest levels.

You are self-motivated to put in the work to be the best at what you do and who you are.

You want to make a living doing music-related work as you perfect your artistry.

You want to maximize your levels of musicianship.

Meet Kudisan

Formerly known as Natalie Jackson, Kudisan Kai has traversed from receiving a Bachelor’s degree in opera at Howard University, graduate training in Voice at the Eastman School of Music, to winning a Downbeat Magazine Best Jazz Vocalist Award, to touring with Natalie Cole, Anita Baker, Jeffrey Osbourne, David Foster and Friends, Elton John and Chaka Khan, to working in films including Ali, Hollywood Pictures Just Visiting, Disney’s Dinosaurs, and Rio II, to live performances with Sting, Beck, and others.  Currently, she continues her solo career performing her latest release, “Set It Off”, hosts her own podcast entitled, Backstories On Kai-Fi and is author of her book entitled, Memoirs Of A Back Up Diva, from which the prologue was published in the 9 March 2017 edition of Huffington Post.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

What happens once you sign up?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with further instructions, including your login credentials for the Vocal Music Evolution (VME) website.  Also, you will need to request access to the private Facebook forum, and each person will be manually approved.

Why is this a paid group?

Information is a priceless commodity and VME is the answer to singers who are seeking information in all areas of vocal networking and production.  It connects renowned icons in the industry with singers who want to join and become viable, working members.  Rather than paying for more lessons and hoping to stumble upon the right people to guide you through this vast industry, VME connects you with the current music business professionals who are world renowned in their fields. VME members join the forum at a small monthly rate for vocal tips that fine tune a technique that is already in place, or directs you to the expert vocal coaches who have a known track record.  This forum is the answer to who, what, and where to go to get work in this current music industry, with information coming directly from the mouths of the guest artists of the forum.  Also, VME members are able to ask our guests questions via live chats that are offered periodically.

Guaranteed results?

Clearly, the information given to the members is from a well-known, reliable source, and is specific and detailed.  You get the rare opportunity of connecting with these industry greats and hear firsthand from their personal experiences.  How does it get better than this?

Is this different from other free Facebook groups?

The level of musicians involved who have offered their advice and support is what makes this different.  In the vocal music world, it is unmatched.  There is no other place online to network and develop relationships in the music industry in this manner.  Having the added chance to ask these industry professionals questions, is icing on a cake!

Are refunds offered?

Refunds will be offered on a case by case basis. However, if you have already accessed a portion of the content, then a refund is not an option.



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